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From the Alisky Theater Souvenir Program in 1908

Del S. Lawrence "and His Splendid Company" played the Alisky Theater in 1908. The text of Del S. Lawrence's biography reads:

Mr. Del S. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence was born in California and, like many lads who have achieved success, was compelled to fight every inch of the way. With the true spirit of the Californian, he began his professional career at the bottom of the ladder, and by sheer determination forced his way to his present position. Mr. Lawrence has often said: "I want to head a company of players who will keep me hard at work. I have no wish to have a one-man show. I want all to make an enviable record."

With this end in view, he has labored for many years. Mr. Lawrence has experienced failures as well as success. In San Diego his company broke all records, and every effort has been made to coax him to return. At San Jose another triumphant year was enjoyed. Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and Portland have been successfully played, and not a week passes without an offer to return. But Mr. Lawrence is native born and loves the land of his nativity. He is loyal to California and hopes to remain always at home.

The copy of the program has been provided through the kindness of Julie Jones.

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