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News about Mark Kelton

Seeking a Picture of Mark

David Eslyer, district attorney of Mendocino County, California, has asked a member of his staff to find photographs of all previous district attorneys to display in the courthouse in Ukiah. They have asked for a photo of Mark A. Kelton, who was district attorney from 1870 to 1874.

Unfortunately, we do not know of such a picture and The Texas Collection at Baylor tells us that the first yearbook was not published until 1891.

Should you know of such a photograph, we would love to have a copy.

Mark's New Gravestone

A 10-year-old school boy from Lakeview, Oregon -- who has been taking the local cemetery tour for the last four years -- discovered last spring that Mark Kelton was a soldier with an unmarked grave in the International Order of the Odd Fellows (IOOF) cemetery in Lakeview.

He took on the project of researching Mark's background and was able to determine Mark's date of death as November 13, 1889. With help, he assembled the details of Mark's life, the location of the gravesite and submitted an application to the Department of Veterans Affairs to have a headstone placed on Mark's grave.

Read more about Mark Kelton.

Sydney 'Mean Gene' Kelton 1955-2010

Mean Gene Kelton, a locally well-known Houston blues and biker musician, was killed in car-bus accident in Crosby, Texas, on Tuesday, Dec.28, 2010. See the story from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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